Kesher's remarkable mission is accomplished via its remarkable staff. Each staff member is a gem in their own right and brings distinct experience, warmth and knowledge to the broader Kesher vision. The staff at Kesher are devoted to the students, and the students feel and know this, and encourages them to excel beyond what anyone could have expected
under the leadership of
Rabbi Joey Haber
Rabbi Joey Haber, one of the pillars of the Sephardic community, and the lead Rabbi at Kesher, has very deep roots in the community. His father is a community rabbi for over four decades and his mother is extremely active with thousands of young women in the community. His grandfather, Charlie Serouya, started the first youth Minyan in the community and is believed by many to be the individual that kept the community connected to Torah and Mitzvot in the early years in America, a connection remains strong and deep until today.

Rabbi Haber is the Dean of Religious studies at Magen David yeshiva High School, where he has built positive relationships with thousands of young adults from the community. Rabbi Haber is also the Rabbi of Magen David Synagogue in Brooklyn, NY, as well as in Tiferet Torah and Ahava in Deal, NJ.
For the past 15 years, Rabbi Haber has been delivering very popular Shiurim which are attended by many people, in his synagogue as well as in most of the synagogues in the Sephardic community, including the Dome of Shaare Zion on a consistent basis. Rabbi Haber is also a popular speaker for many organizations and travels the country and the globe delivering speeches to sold out crowds.
Rabbi Yosef Semah
Rabbi Semah, originally from Deal, NJ has been at Kesher for 2 years and is a well-liked mentor to our boys. He is a graduate of the Yeshiva Gedolah of Philadelphia and Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. He believes that the work he is doing at Kesher is life-saving, as it connects those who are very far away from Torah to the community's rabbis, giving them a chance at spiritual growth they otherwise would not have ever had. Rabbi Semah maintains a close relationship with his students, one that will guide them for a lifetime.
Rabbi isaac escava
Rabbi Norman is our 12th Grade advisor. He is originally from Deal, NJ, and is a graduate of Hillel, Sha'arei Torah and Beth Medrash Govoha. Rabbi Norman's focus is on post-high school students who he feels are "forgotten" about after they are done with the school system. He focuses on ensuring they have who to turn to in these formative, crucial years of their adult development. Rabbi Norman's mission is to be the bridge between the community's students and the community's leaders.
Rabbi moshe baredes
Rabbi Baredes was born and raised in Israel, and served as an officer in the IDF. He is currently the rabbi at Congregation Yam Hatorah in Flatbush, Brooklyn, as well as a Torah teacher for two decades at Sha'rei Zion Torah Center and Magen David Yeshiva. He is also the celebrated author of a 4-volume set of Halachic Responses, Mishnat Moshe. Rabbi Baredes is a graduate of the Jerusalem College of Technology in Israel, where he earned his BA, as well as from Touro college where he earned his MA in Jewish History. Before that he graduated from Yeshivat Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin and received Semicha from the Mir Yeshiva and from Machon L'Torah.

Rabbi Baredes is known for his care and concern for each student he encounters at Kesher and the other places he teaches. He uses many of his own life experiences to teach the students life lessons about being a productive citizen and an upstanding Jew dedicated to Hashem and Hs Torah under all circumstances.
Rabbi Alex Mizrahi
He has been at Kesher for a year and a half and makes sure that all his students feel comfortable calling him, any time, day or night, with any questions or problems they may have. He identifies with Kesher's constant mission of ensuring that students are always connected to their rabbis and their religion on some level, at all times.
Rabbi moshe malka
Rabbi Malka, originally from Brooklyn, NY, is a graduate of the Philadelphia Yeshiva, the Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn and was a member of Rabbi Diamond's Kollel in Deal, NJ. Rabbi Malka is a teacher at Kesher, primarily via the on-campus shiurim he delivers at Rutgers University. Rabbi Malka's mission is to keep the boys and girls attuned to their Jewish heritage and to be involved in matters of spirituality, as that is of vital importance in their lives now, and as they move on in life.
Rabbi moshe hubner
Rabbi Hubner, a popular lecturer at Kesher, is originally from Brooklyn, NY, and a graduate of Yeshiva Sha'ar HaTorah in Queens, NY, Ohr Elchanan in Eretz Yisrael, Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood and Rav Mohadeb's Kollel in Brooklyn, NY.

Rabbi Hubner feels incredibly fortunate to be involved with Kesher students, and focuses on teaching them the value of spending time learning Torah topics instead of wasting it on frivolous activities. Rabbi Hubner believes that keeping post high school students accountable is not only good for them now, it is also good for them as they go on to live the rest of their lives rooted in the lessons they learned during these years aat Kesher.
Rabbi avi salem
Rabbi Salem was raised in Brooklyn, NY and attended Yeshivat Ateret Torah and then went on to study at the Yeshiva in South Fallsburg, NY, The Brisk Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael and then in Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ.

Rabbi Salem has been a lecturer and a Director at Kesher for the past 6 years and through his warm approach has mentored scores of post-High school students via his engaging lectures and his one-on-one personal relationships. Rabbi Salem's mission is to prevent social problems, rather than have to solve them, and ensure that the students are given the tools that they need to go on to live a spiritually healthy existence where they can handle the pressures of work, marriage and life.
Rabbi elinatan bitton
Rabbi Bitton was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and attended Yeshivat Ateret Torah, Yeshivat Ruach Hatorah and was a member of outreach Kolel in San Diego, CA and in Seattle, WA. Rabbi Bitton has been with Kesher for 6 years as an 11th Grafe teacher and mentor. Rabbi Bitton's role models are the renowned Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski and his Rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Shlomo Churba. He focuses on forming life-long bonds with the students, as they are extremely meaningful to both Rabbis and students.
Rabbi eli david cohen
Rabbi Cohen, originally from Brooklyn, NY, attended Yeshivat Ateret Torah and the Chevron Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Rabbi Cohen is a Torah teacher for post-high school boys and invests a lot of energy in his work to ensure a lasting, and meaningful connection is formed with all his students. His focus is on guiding the students to be happy, confident and responsible members of the Jewish community and of society at large.
Rabbi isaac tawil
Rabbi Tawil, originally from Brooklyn, NY, is a graduate of Magen David Yeshiva High School, BMT in Israel, Yeshiva University Sy Syms school of Business and received Semicha from the Sephardic Rabbinical College.

Rabbi Tawil is the head Rabbi at Kol Israel Congregation and the Dean of Student Life at Magen David Yeshiva High School, where he also runs special events and Hessed projects. Rabbi Tawil believes that post college students need role models in order to succeed in life, and he works with Kesher to be such a role model to hundreds of students.