Our Mission

Investing in our children's future

Kesher is a unique organization which addresses the unique needs of post-high school boys and girls from our community. Founded in 2011 by Rabbi Joey Haber, Kesher has already made a positive difference in the lives of students and their families on a variety of levels.

The staff at Kesher is outstandingly qualified to interact with the students as big brothers and sisters who understand the struggles of the modern world, yet arm them with the tools needed to overcome the struggles. The student-staff interaction at Kesher is in a friendly, caring, non-judgmental environment, where each boy and girl is empowered to develop into the individual they have the potential to be.
our mission
investing in our children's future
The programs at Kesher, including the one-on-one learning sessions, the on-campus public Torah classes, the Shabbos home visits, the girls' classes, the college break programs, the staff-student email Torah correspondence, are specifically geared by our community rabbis for our community's students. The monthly progress reports are designed to encourage positivity and self-esteem for each student, and have been proven to boost their confidence levels in all areas of their lives.

Kesher is a much-needed organization which was long overdue, and its mission of building our community's next generation of leaders is steadfastly on track.