Our Mission – by Rabbi Joey Haber


it was wide for all to see, any member of our community who was

paying attention was aware of it, and constantly talking about it.

We expend all types of resources into our kids, time, energy, money,

man power. Everything we have to raise them, and nurture them to be

great people, great jews and great community members. We build them

from preschool, to elementary school, to high school…

AND THEN WE JUST STOP. Cold. Zero. No man power, no money,

almost no energy, and no time into the most critical period of their


The time when they decide for themselves, who they want to become,

the time when the challenges of being a community member are

the greatest, the time when religious observance and community

connection is the most challenged. From the day they graduate high

school until the day they are married, the challenges are great, and the

effort to support our community youth through that time was almost



A few years ago, a few community members, approached me to put

together a team of rabbis to try and help our community parents

during this challenging period. Because the job was so daunting,

and the age group so delicate, we began with one program that we

deliberately didn’t make public. We didn’t want the kids who were all

very healthy, regular, cool kids from very normal families to feel part

of a “program”. We wanted to see if our idea would succeed before

we pounded our chest. It worked. We then started to build and build,

we started to work with five main high schools in our community, we

began classes on college campuses, we started classes for community

kids in public school, we held classes and programs for girls, and more

and more and more. All with ONE GOAL IN MIND: to deliver to the

community parents a young man or woman, who is a healthy member

of society, attends college, and is building a career, all while staying

connected to our community, to Torah, Mitsvot and our great Rabbis.

WHO’S A KESHER KID? Your son, your daughter, your grandson, your

granddaughter, your niece, your nephew, your neighbor, your children’s

friends. Over 500 community kids have been impacted by Kesher this

year! They truly feel a “kesher” with their past, their future, and their

community. In other words connected to you!



Rabbi Joey Haber

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