Breakdowns & Totals of KESHER Programs

1.Core Kesher

A strong focus on the individual student, our big brother program is geared toward

maintaining Torah connections with our young adults. A variety of methods are used to achieve

this crucial objective. Emphasis is placed on making sure that each student feels that they are

connected at all times. Students are engaged via personal texts, individualized Divrei Torah

emails and meaningful phone calls.

Totals: Rabbis9 Students90

2.The Liaisons


Rabbis from various community schools reach out to students to assist them in staying connected to torah and the community and keeping a relationship with their individual school.

Totals: Rabbis5 Students231


3.Ezra Shabot AH College Campus:

A program that offers classes and food to boys and girls in the following colleges:

Brooklyn College, Baruch, F.I. T, Rutgers, Babson.Our Rabbi’s go down to the colleges and give

over entertaining Torah classes while the kids have lunch (sponsored by kesher).


Totals: Colleges-5,

  • Rabbis 6
  • Girls Classes2,
  • Boys Classes7
  • Total 9 Classes

Students175(140 boys,35 girls) weekly


4.Kesher Public School:

Weekly class given by Rabbi Duvi Ben Sushan to 40+ P.S. high school boys where they learn

and connect through torah and dinner.

Totals: Rabbis3,



5.Kesher Ben Semester:

Division designated for students during their college break. Six-week program cultivates the

relationship between students and their respective rabbis through a morning breakfast and

studying program.

Totals: Rabbis 3 Students55


6.Kesher Israel:

Structured for community boys returning from Israel (both in Brooklyn and deal). The program runs

during Pesach break and Summer break. Each boy is paired with a Rabbi in a program rich with

enthusiasm. Exciting outings and food are arranged in this programs as well.

Totals: Rabbis10-12



7.Kesher at Home:

Every week community girls gather at the home of one of our Rabbis. The girls forge a

connection with the Rabbis wife over Challah baking and Shabbat cooking while discussing the

common foundation of a Sephardic community home. Totals-30 girls

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